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My budding foodie


My son has decided he is going to participate in “try something new Tuesdays,” a suggestion he saw while watching YTV. The idea is to simply try something new in general, an activity, new foods, anything. He has decided that he’s going to focus on tasting new things because he has recently taken more of an interest in food. We watched Masterchef Canada together, and he was very inspired by what he saw.

The first food he chose to try was avocado.

We went to the grocery store, I showed him how to determine if they were ripe, and let him choose one to try.

He was hesitant but he bravely took a bite with that, he wasn’t sure what to think so he decided to take a second bite.

End result: He did not like it, he had insisted on trying it on its own and this could have been the issue, and he says that he will consider trying avocado again just in case it is better in a recipe.