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Last Words

Last Words

This year our family said goodbye to both of my Grandfathers and paternal Grandmother.   My Grandfathers were both ill and their deaths we prepared for, as much as possible.   My Grandmother, however, was sudden and quite a shock.  I have had the most difficulty dealing with losing her. One day I will be able to write about it, but today is not that day.  I miss all three of my Grandparents immensely and would give anything for one more day with all of them.

My thoughts today are about my Mother’s Father.  Mr. Hubert Toole.   My Grandfather was a great man, and he was loved beyond measure by the entire family and all who knew him.   My heart also breaks for my Grandmother, who lost the love of her life.  I know every day is a struggle for her.

At my Grandfather Toole’s funeral this summer, the man who spoke said something that has stuck with me. Basically he said, that when you lose someone, you tend to look back at the last conversation you had with them and sometimes those conversations hold something special; something that can bring you peace.  I visited with my Grandfather about 2 weeks before he passed away, he was at home at the time.  Our conversation was short, as he was quite tired.  He asked me a if I was moving, which I found funny as I had no plans to leave the city.   I chuckled and said “No, do you think I should?”  He smiled and said “You’ll know what’s best” and closed his eyes and went to sleep.   At the time I just thought it was a strange thing for him to ask.  I thought he was just tired, and a bit confused.  However, when the man spoke at the funeral and I remembered the conversation, his words started to mean something different.

No, I’m not moving, and that part of the conversation doesn’t even matter.  The words I needed to hear, and need to continue hearing are “You’ll know what’s best.”   Now, I keep repeating this to myself every time I second guess myself, which unfortunately, is a lot.  I tend to allow my thoughts to overwhelm me and anxiety takes over, but I have been able to talk myself down by remembering these words.   I know he had faith in me , I just need to have it in myself and with that I can face any challenge.   I’m hoping that for times when I’m not so strong, a visible reminder will help, I was so excited when it arrived!  A simple bracelet, with a special message…

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A Token of Hope


I received a very special gift today, and I felt inspired to write a bit about what it meant to me.

My faith in other human beings has recently been pretty much decimated and hope feels very hard to come by.  I have become very thankful for the small things and have been trying my best to cling to anything good and/or positive.  I sit here thinking about the last little while and I realize that as bad as things can get in any situation, (admittedly for me, things could be much worse); there always seems to be small shimmers of humanity and kindness that shine through to keep you moving forward. The trick however, is being able to see through the darkness and appreciate these shimmers for what they are. They are the very foundations of hope.

Eleanor Roosevelt said “It is better to light a candle than to curse the darkness,” a quote you see used a lot, however, what happens to those who are unable to light a candle? Generally speaking, darkness can overtake even the strongest person and they find themselves unable to make their own way out. It is at this time that I feel other people can make all the difference. Not one person in particular, but any person, family, friends, strangers… anyone; small acts of basic humanity can make a huge difference to someone who is struggling.

“Give light, and the darkness will disappear of itself.” – Desiderius Erasmus

Today’s shimmer of hope was in the form of a gift. A beautiful necklace by Aflame Creations that I have had my eye on for quite some time. Each time I passed by the artists table at the market, I would look at all of her beautiful jewelry and I could never quite justify spending the money on myself when I need to pay bills, buy groceries, gas, etc. Which is so dumb since I waste money on silly things all the time, but I just couldn’t do this for myself, for whatever reason. Last week, I had a brief chat about Aflame Creations, I spoke of my love of the jewelry, the pieces I liked best, and how I was determined to get a piece soon. 

Today the necklace I had mentioned was left for me, and I cried. I cried because it is beautiful, I cried because it was so thoughtful, far too generous and more than I deserved. I cried because the thought of someone thinking of me and remembering a random conversation that I myself had long forgotten. I cried because this token came at a time when hope is something I am struggling to hang on to. 

I must say, I was not surprised by the generosity of the gift giver, this person is, in my opinion, simply amazing, hands down one of the greatest people I have the pleasure of knowing. I was surprised, however, that the small four letter word engraved upon this necklace is exactly the gift that was being given, knowingly or not.

Thank You

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Not Just A Girl: Mom Daughter Create Historic Women Portrait Series


Not Just A Girl: Mom Daughter Create Historic Women Portrait Series.

(click to see the entire series)

I love this idea, little girls need to be taught more about historical figures and the fight for women’s rights. Give them something to be proud of and a knowledge of what women have had to go through to give them the freedom they enjoy today.  Show them that they can be so much more than society is currently telling they can be. In a time where Jersey Shore and The Kardashians, our daughters need to be shown that they are worth more, they can do more. 

“It’s time that young girls were sent a different message. A more refined, intelligent message. A message that engaged them at the level of their intellect and potential because implicit in our message to them should be the acknowledgement that they are naturally brilliant and that we believe that they are capable of everything – without ever having to undress to achieve their success.”

(While I do not agree with the way he basically attacks Beyonce personally, he makes some good points.)