Post By Heather Hadley


This post is a very heartfelt THANK YOU to all my loved ones. My family, friends, Dad’s friends, many I haven’t seen for years and those who are strangers no more. The kindness, support, compassion and expressions of sympathy, attending the funeral, flowers, cards, food, phone calls, emails, messages, handshakes, hugs and kind words have meant more than words can say.

Dad is now at peace and his suffering is over. After many years of sickness, surgeries and extended hospital stays, In the summer of 2012 ,Dad suffered a stroke. I decided at that time to start a journal “Our Journey” this has been very helpful. 10608817_10152613372465482_998652302_n

Over the next two years we saw a rapid decline in Mom’s health and Dad’s suffering and pain consumed him these years were the hardest. Today I can take comfort and strength from my memories of better times.


Summers at Folly Lake where Dad taught me to swim.


The vacations to Ontario, PEI. and Newfoundland just to name a few.

10609273_10152613372185482_1029553053_nTeaching me to drive, a standard too!


Walking me down the aisle.


Never judging, just being there, even when I made poor choices. He was not a person to say a lot, but he guided and supported me when I needed help.


Dad was there when something needed to be fixed, or you needed to figure out how it worked. He enjoyed the challenge.



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