“X Hits the Spot”



X Burger 358 Main Street Antigonish, NS Visited June 1st, 2013

We’ve been wanting to try X Burger since they opened.  We had heard good things from a few friends and were excited to give it a try.

To start with, the restaurant is cute and casual. You can see directly into the kitchen and everything looks very clean. There are 3,  two-person booths and about 4 or 5 stools at the soda fountain style counter. Not a lot of room for a party of 4, so we decided to get our food to go and we ate at the park.

The X Burger menu is very simple, featuring burgers, hot dogs (regular or foot long), fresh cut fries, milk shakes, fresh squeezed OJ.  They offer a list of fresh toppings and you can add an additional patty to your burger selection. The burgers come in two types, the XBurger (with or without cheese) which are served on a regular Ben’s Hamburger Bun and the Alumni Burger which features 2 patties with cheese, Canadian bacon, lettuce, tomato and “X sauce”  (which tastes similar to Big Mac Sauce) all served on a D’Italiano Brizzollo style bun.

The service was friendly and we waited less than 10 minutes for our food.  We ordered 2 Alumni Burgers (one with no tomato) for the grownups, and the children each ordered XBurgers with cheese and added fries. We all had a can of Pepsi as well. Our total came to just over $34. Our order was bagged up with each meal in a Styrofoam container. When we sat to eat we were quite disappointed that there were no ketchup packets or napkins included. We were not asked if we wanted Ketchup, so we didn’t think to ask, and if these were available for us to pick up after receiving our food, we didn’t see them, nor were we told where to get them.

I ended up regretted not getting fries, but I did steal a few from the children. They were really tasty. I am usually leery of fresh cut as they are often undercooked, but these were cooked to perfection. The burgers were charbroiled and the patties were well done, mine had a lot of char but I like that so I was not too upset. The toppings were fresh which I appreciated, there is nothing worse than sour lettuce! The alumni burgers definitely tasted better than they looked. (see image below)

Other than the lack of ketchup and napkins, my biggest complaint would be the serving sizes, the XBurger and fries is a really small serving. The burger is more of a child size burger and there are not a whole lot of fries. It is the perfect size if you have a small appetite and it was a great size for the children, though the 12 year old could have eaten more. You really aren’t paying much for the meal, so it is not a huge surprise that the servings are on the small side. If you have a big appetite, or are really hungry, I recommend the Alumni Burger with fries, or 2 XBurgers with Fries.

I hope XBurger succeeds, they have a great location on the corner of Hawthorne and Main.  I’m sure they’ll do best when school is in at St. F. X. Myself, I will return to XBurger for sure, I’ll make sure to ask for Ketchup and napkins next time and will not pass on the fries! The XBurger and Fries will do nicely for the little kids, the 12 year old will order an alumni and fries to make sure his belly is filled.  I also plan to try one of the foot long hot dogs, which I saw others ordering and they looked delicious!

2013-06-01 18.11.50 2013-06-01 18.12.21

I give X Burger 4 out of 5 stars

I was unable to find a Facebook page or website but you can follow them on Twitter @X_Burger_



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  1. Thank you so much, early days and we will be expanding menu and hours , right now consistancy rules. Then more items . Fresh as we can be. Local as we can be . Apologies for missing take away items , they are on counter . The design of the business is for students to work and learn the complexities of a small business while experiencing the real life operation of a true work environment, there will be scholarships and fund raising events for stfx and the town charities of antigonish, employees will be a majority of students attending stfx tying in with there,academic goals . Please keep us informed of likes and dislikes so,we may alter to better suit our new customers .

    Regards the owners. Your next burgers on us .

  2. Thanks very much! I thought I had probably just missed the items on the counter! Love the fundraising/scholarship plans, I am an X alumni myself. 🙂

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