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Patrick Stewart is Amazing!


A Brave Fan Asks Patrick Stewart A Question He Doesn’t Usually Get And Is Given A Beautiful Answer

Check out this video. Watch it, show your husbands.. and especially your sons.


Not Just A Girl: Mom Daughter Create Historic Women Portrait Series


Not Just A Girl: Mom Daughter Create Historic Women Portrait Series.

(click to see the entire series)

I love this idea, little girls need to be taught more about historical figures and the fight for women’s rights. Give them something to be proud of and a knowledge of what women have had to go through to give them the freedom they enjoy today.  Show them that they can be so much more than society is currently telling they can be. In a time where Jersey Shore and The Kardashians, our daughters need to be shown that they are worth more, they can do more. 

“It’s time that young girls were sent a different message. A more refined, intelligent message. A message that engaged them at the level of their intellect and potential because implicit in our message to them should be the acknowledgement that they are naturally brilliant and that we believe that they are capable of everything – without ever having to undress to achieve their success.”

(While I do not agree with the way he basically attacks Beyonce personally, he makes some good points.)